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The cappuccinos and hair colorist. The twice-a-week Pilates. The monthly facial. My brilliant mom was diagnosed with dementia when my son was a baby. For a time, their interests and abilities matched exactly.

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Abraham still lit up when Eva walked into the room. Suddenly unemployed older workers who had hoped to delay filing have options that can boost their lifetime benefits. There have been 68 recent deaths of residents and nurses from the facility in a small New Jersey town. Three personal finance authors offer tips for young people to follow during this financial crisis, and after it is over. More thanAmericans give birth in their 40s each year, but what does that mean for the health of their pregnancies and their babies?

The coronavirus pandemic could sharpen the health risks of loneliness. But there are ways to connect. Latest Search Search. Clear this text input. By Trish Hall. By Aaron E. By Lizzie Skurnick. By Jim Dwyer. By Mark Miller. By Tracey Tully. By Paul B.

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By Reyhan Harmanci. By Julie Fingersh. By Paula Span. Show More.Pence helps graduate first Space Force officers. What life could be like after the curve flattens. If you change your mind, here's how to allow notifications:. Stay in the loop!

Get breaking news and big stories on your desktop. Notify Me. When prompted, click "Allow" you can always change your mind later. Search The Web Search Aol. Scroll to continue with content AD. News Governors feel heat to reopen from protesters, Trump. Politics Pence helps graduate first Space Force officers. News What life could be like after the curve flattens. News People flock to Florida beach after reopening. Latest Headlines Governors feel heat to reopen from protesters, Trump Pence helps graduate first Space Force officers What life could be like after the curve flattens People flock to Florida beach after reopening Trump says China 'must have the most' virus deaths TV doctors take heat for coronavirus cracks Stimulus cash is being sent to dead people Test troubles cloud Trump recovery effort Debunking popular myths about the coronavirus Hair may reveal how stressed coronavirus has made us Gloves come off in Trump-Cuomo spat Unapproved Chinese virus tests being used in U.

Italians sing on balconies amid coronavirus lockdown Read More. Top trending news videos. Politics Trump says China 'must have the most' virus deaths The president's claim defied by a wide margin tracking numbers that say COVID has killed more than 36, people in the U. Getty Images. Forecasts Southern US braces for severe storms, flooding One round of heavy to locally severe thunderstorms will bubble up along the Gulf coast states on Saturday.

News TV doctors take heat for coronavirus cracks Three of America's best known TV doctors are taking their medicine after making inflammatory statements about the coronavirus.

Sports The 8 most inspiring Michael Jordan quotes. News Stimulus cash is being sent to dead people. News Sunlight destroys virus quickly, govt. News Conspiracy theories take aim at hospitals. News Test troubles cloud Trump recovery effort. News NASA announces date for historic manned mission. News Debunking popular myths about the coronavirus. World News Hair may reveal how stressed coronavirus has made us. The best cases and protective accessories to get for your new iPhon….

This mini projector can take movie night to the next level. Forget the 30yr mortgage if you owe less than 6k Do this instea…. Pence helps graduate first Space Force officers Trump says China 'must have the most' virus deaths Gloves come off in Trump-Cuomo spat. Local News. Recommended For You.When asked whether one prefers to read, watch or listen to their news, younger adults are far more likely than older ones to opt for text, and most of that reading takes place on the web.

But that varies dramatically by age. Among those under 50, on the other hand, roughly equal portions — about four-in-ten of those ages and ages — opt to read their news as opt to watch it.

Most of that reading among younger adults is through digital text rather than print. The breakdown among to year-olds is similar. There is also evidence that younger adults who prefer to watch their news are beginning to make the transition to doing so on a computer rather than a television.

That is far more than any other age group, including double the percentage of to year-old news watchers. While news listening garners a smaller fan base overall, to year-olds who prefer this method of news again show signs of digital migration: Three-in-ten of these news listeners prefer the web for their news, at least twice that of older news listeners.

To be sure, younger adults consistently demonstrate less interest in the news overall. But our research also reveals that, in the digital realm, they often get news at equal or higher rates than older Americans, whether intentionally or not. About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world.

It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. Pew Research Center does not take policy positions. It is a subsidiary of The Pew Charitable Trusts.

If you have been invited to participate in one of our surveys, please click here. Home U. Main More. Share this link:. Sign up for our election newsletter. Research Areas U. We need to confirm your email address. To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you.President Trump arrives for the coronavirus task force briefing at the White House on Thursday. Protesters gather outside Minnesota Gov.

Tim Walz's official residence in St. Paul on Friday, calling for him to loosen stay-at-home restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus. Health experts warn a premature opening could create another surge of the virus. InJoe Biden, the current presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, was serving as a U.

His campaign said it "absolutely did not happen. NPR hide caption. At NPR, we welcome your news tips. Here's a guide to getting in touch with our newsroom and how to share sensitive information. Here's how to help them through. Direct-deposit economic relief money is expected to be weeks ahead of physical checks. Supporters of digital currency say that transaction could — and should — be even faster. The coronavirus has triggered a stunning collapse in the U.

That's left domestic workers, waiters, hair stylists and many others out of work. President Trump speaks during a coronavirus task force briefing at the White House on April 18, White House coronavirus response coordinator, Dr. Deborah Birx, stands at left. O'Neill died Saturday after battling cancer. He was known for his leadership in the corporate world and independence in the Bush administration. George F.

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He later collaborated on a book critical of the administration. Ohio Gov. In March, the United States agreed with Mexico and Canada to restrict nonessential travel because of the coronavirus outbreak. The decision extends a partial ban implemented last month.News Business World Sports Podcasts. Follow NBC News. Trump claims U. Not so fast, doctors say. Courtesy Dr. Michelle Tom. Coronavirus Navajo doctor caring for coronavirus patients endures crisis at home: no running water.

Politics News For little work, Grainger sold protective coveralls to U. Coronavirus N. Top Stories. Here are the receipts. Oz's risky coronavirus advice reinforces the dangers of celebrity wellness An infectious diseases expert describes his experience with COVID Coronavirus Downton Abbey costumiers make scrubs for coronavirus 'superheroes'. Coronavirus Bill Cosby wouldn't survive coronavirus behind bars, spokesman says.

PBS Arkansas. Coronavirus How to reach students without internet access at home? Schools get creative. Air Force. How do you know voting by mail works? The U. Courtesy Katy Ayers. Is fungus the answer to climate change?

Student who grew a mushroom canoe says yes.

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The Week in Pictures: Drive-up Easter and tributes to those we lost. Paul R. Fiona Apple's brilliant new album speaks truth to male power with eloquent fury. Jaybird Sport. How to choose the best wireless earbuds for you. Top Videos. Coronavirus Lessons doctors learned a month into the pandemic. Now it's among many cities facing financial crisis.My Topics Video.

Inside nursing homes, coronavirus brings isolation and 7, deaths ABC News. What Happens Next? The New York Times. Ex-mayor who quit after criticizing Trump dies in crash Associated Press.

The pandemic took their jobs, then it wiped out their health insurance The Washington Post.

Pew: younger people actually prefer reading the news to watching it

Vincent Asaro, reputed mobster, released from prison over coronavirus fears CNN. Director of Wuhan lab denies virus link AFP. Bush, Obama share hopeful message CNN. Spain's coronavirus death toll slows Reuters.

Biden courts Ocasio-Cortez — but will he go bold enough? The Guardian. Today in History: April 19 Microsoft News.

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Why Jaguars would discuss dealing Fournette Sporting News. A Key G. Strategy: Blame China. But Trump Goes Off Message. Warren: Trump's turning crisis into 'a political rally for himself' The Hill. Opinion Trump tells a damnable and murderous lie The Washington Post.

The News In Cartoons Photos. Not a new normal Springfield News-Leader Missouri. Coronavirus Halts Another U. Today in History: April 19 Microsoft News 5 hrs ago. Man allegedly breaks into closed restaurant, spends 4 days eating, drinking People. Local news from the web Rybinsk, Russia Places. Add to my favorites Detect my location. Technology Coronavirus tracking apps meet resistance in privacy-conscious Europe The Washington Post.

Therapy dog delivers care packages to nurses amid pandemic People. Debt collectors target millions of stimulus checks — 5 ways to stop them MarketWatch. Weather Weather Southeast is getting hit by another round of severe storms CNN Is fungus the answer to climate change?Why are young people not interested in the news? Mark Bauerlein thinks he knows. Bauerlein's argument is borne out by statistics, and the numbers are grim.

A Pew Research Center survey found that people age are consistently less knowledgeable about current events than their elders. On a current events quiz, young adults averaged 5.

The survey found that the knowledge gap was widest on foreign affairs. Only about half 52 percent of those younger than 35 knew that Pakistan and Afghanistan share a border, compared with 71 percent of those ages 35 to 49, and 80 percent of those 50 and older. Bauerlein says young people are in the thrall of Facebook, texting and other digital distractions that keep them from learning about anything more meaningful than, say, who went with whom to the school dance.

They care about what all the other year-olds are doing," Bauerlein says. Kids can conduct their social life anywhere," he adds. And when it comes to the news, "Who cares about some guys over in England jockeying over who's going to run the government there when kids can talk about what happened at the party last weekend?

Bauerlein hastens to add that he's not a Luddite. But he says the digital age has changed something fundamental about the family structure, and the result is that young people are less closely under the guidance of adults than ever before.

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Left unchecked, these developments could result in a new age dark of ignorance, Bauerlein warns, or as a blurb for his book puts it, "Sacrificing our future to the least curious and intellectual generation in national history. Change must come from parents and teachers, Bauerlein says. They don't know how intense the media environment is for a year-old.

She takes you home to meet her parents. Over the dinner table, her father says something about Ronald Reagan, and you don't know who he was. Guess what? You just went down in their estimation and probably in your girlfriend's estimation as well. Is that what you want? Bauerlein tells students that "reading the paper gives you more breadth of knowledge.

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