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I 130 interview

Skip to main content. In addition, derivatives are also required to appear regardless of the filing category. If information is added or revised, the applicant should re-sign and date the application at the conclusion of the interview. USCIS officers may determine, on a case-by case-basis, that it is unnecessary to interview certain adjustment of status applicants. If USCIS determines, however, that an interview for an applicant in any of the above categories is necessary, an officer conducts the interview.

In all such instances, an officer must obtain supervisory approval to waive the interview. There are known criminal inadmissibility or national security concerns that cannot be resolved at a service center. An applicant may not be fluent in English and may require use of an interpreter for the adjustment interview. At the adjustment interview, the interpreter should:. In general, a disinterested party should be used as the interpreter.

An officer may exercise discretion, however, to allow a friend or relative of the applicant to act as interpreter. Such applicants are not eligible for an interview waiver. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS is updating guidance regarding adjustment of status interview guidelines and interview waivers. Policy Manual. Skip shares and print links Share This Page Print. Chapter 5 - Interview Guidelines. Waiving the Interview 1. Interpreters An applicant may not be fluent in English and may require use of an interpreter for the adjustment interview.

Footnotes 1. Legal Authorities 3. Forms 4. AR, Change of Address. Appendices 0. No appendices available at this time. Read More. Current as of April 07, Share This Page. Volume 1 - General Policies and Procedures. Volume 2 - Nonimmigrants. Volume 6 - Immigrants. Volume 7 - Adjustment of Status. Chapter 1 - Purpose and Background. Chapter 2 - Eligibility Requirements. Chapter 3 - Filing Instructions. Chapter 4 - Documentation. Chapter 6 - Adjudicative Review. Chapter 7 - Child Status Protection Act.

Chapter 8 - Transfer of Underlying Basis. Chapter 9 - Death of Petitioner or Principal Beneficiary. Chapter 10 - Legal Analysis and Use of Discretion.Any information is appreciated:. I'm also going through the process and just got a notification that my interview was scheduled. I also live in San Antonio. I just have an inquiry How long was the wait between receiving word that your interview was to be scheduled and getting the actual date for your interview?

GREEN CARD INTERVIEW; I-130 PETITION; How to PREPARE for Interview [Part 1] (2018)

I'm a bit anxious. F1 graduated with pending AOS after marriage! I dont think so? In some cases, you may also receive a notice for an interview. This will also arrive on an IC document. The notice will include the date, time and location of the interview. It will also tell you what to bring, including any original documents that USCIS wishes to review in-person.

Just take your time and answer truthfully. June 13, Mary receives Mexican Residency Card. August 2, Case Complete At Consulate. Oh okay, do they let you know if they approve or dismiss the case once the interview is over? Yes, 3 options.

They will very clear if it is the later. Are there other threads about the I interview here in VJ because I couldn't find any? I think this is more like our DCF I When I filed it in Juarez they reviewed our packet and ask a few questions.

I though I failed! It was approved the next business day. Take any new evidence of you relationship with you and any documents that you weren't sure you should include.

i 130 interview

It is important to front load this "interview". I believe after the approval they will process the AOS and need your husbands bio-metrics, etc.Other Visa Categories.

Visa: Reciprocity and Civil Documents by Country. Do not sell your house, car or property, resign from your job, or make non-refundable flight or other travel arrangements, until you have received your immigrant visa. If your visa is approved, you will be informed how and when your passport and visa will be returned to you. Your immigrant visa will be placed on a page in your passport.

Please review the printed information right away to make sure there are no errors. If there are any spelling or biographical errors, contact the embassy or consulate immediately. Only children who enter the United States under the Orphan or Hague adoption programs, Iraqi and Afghan special immigrants, returning residents SB-1sand those issued K visas are exempt from this fee. An immigrant visa is usually valid for up to six months from the date of issuance unless your medical examination expires sooner, which may make your visa valid for less than six months.

A visa does not guarantee entry into the United States. The Department of Homeland Security, U. Learn about admission and entry requirements on the CBP website. When you are admitted, you will enter as a Lawful Permanent Resident, also called a green card holder, and will be permitted to work and live in the United States. Based on U.

Under U. In some situations the consular officer does not have sufficient information needed to process your application to conclusion, or you may be missing some supporting documentation. The consular officer will inform you if information or documents are missing and how to provide it. Some visa applications may require further administrative processing. When administrative processing is required, the consular officer will inform the applicant at the end of the interview.

The duration of the administrative processing will vary based on the individual circumstances of each case. At the conclusion of the administrative processing period, the consular officer might conclude that an applicant is now qualified for the visa for which he or she applied. The officer may also conclude that the applicant remains ineligible for a visa.

Except in cases of emergency travel i. You are about to leave travel. Department of State. Links to external websites are provided as a convenience and should not be construed as an endorsement by the U.

Department of State of the views or products contained therein. If you wish to remain on travel. Cancel GO. Visa Announcement. Global Health Advisory. Skip to main content. Gov Travel. Passports International Travel U. Stay Connected. Law Enforcement. Y Z All. Immigrant Visa Process.The final step in the marriage-based green card processthe I and I based on marriage to a U.

i 130 interview

Citizen, is the interview. Having represented numerous clients in these cases and also having accompanied clients in these interviews in cities such as:. Please note that these questions are simply guidelines on which topics officers usually focus on, and is not exactly what they ask or a guarantee that these would be asked. They could ask more, and they could ask less. Each case is different.

In terms of how long the interview is, it also depends on the facts of the case and the officer you have. It depends on several factors — the length of marriage, age difference, etc. Courtship and Dating Questions. As mentioned, the answers to these questions or inconsistencies in your answers can lead to more questions.

But typically, as to the areas or topics the officers asks, your meeting, courtship, proposal, wedding, family, employment, and residence are going to be questioned. Tagged as: Koreamarriage green cardOhio. You must log in to post a comment. How Can We Help You. Designed by SKT. Go To Success Stories. If you need help in any aspect of immigration law, feel free to contact our office. We invite you to view our success stories. From Our Clients. Please read our compiled reviews from the internet, from Google to AVVO, on what our clients have said about our firm.

i 130 interview

One of the fastest and most common immigration cases are those based on marriage to a US Citizen. Family and Relative Immigration. From immigration of children, parents, siblings, to cases involving iCSPA, and the death of a petitioner, we are here to help.

H-1B petitions for employment in specialty occupations, from computer analysts, engineers, nurse managers, accountants, architects, doctors, feel free to contact us. Past persecution or fear of future persecution on account of politics, race, religion, social group, or nationality.

Let us guide you in the asylum application process. PH: FAX: Having represented numerous clients in these cases and also having accompanied clients in these interviews in cities such as: Baltimore Chicago Cleveland Columbus Cincinnati Hartford Houston Los Angeles Newark New York Seattle … we thought of compiling a list of questions that may be asked in the future, and to write an informative post about the interview itself.

Basic Steps Check In : Each office has their own procedure, but typically, you first bring your interview notice to the check-in counter, the officer would ask you to take a seat, and they will call your name.

Reasons for I-130 Denial and How to Avoid Them

Some offices like Arlington and Chicago have those buzzers like those you get while waiting for a seat in chain restaurants that vibrate once your turn is up.

Oath : The officer administers an oath. Forms : The interview itself usually starts with the forms I, G, and I This is pretty informative. Bona Fide Marriage : From there, the officer would then proceed with the relationship itself. The sample questions are below. After the questions are asked, the officer would then ask for any supporting documents you have about your relationship. Joint tax, returns, joint bank statements, joint lease, joint insurance documents, utility bills with both names and a common address, pictures taken in different places with friends or family in it, affidavits, are some examples of documents they typically ask.Not Sure?

How Do I? Welcome back. Go to your forms. Permanent residents cannot sponsor their parents and siblings for permanent resident status. You can file petitions for your family members you intend to sponsor. You can sponsor all your eligible relatives, provided you meet the financial requirements.

You can also complete Form I online. You can pay the fee through a money order or a check. You must mail the immigrant petition, supporting documents, and the form filing fee together, in one package. USCIS will adjudicate the applications filed by US citizens on behalf of their spouses and immediate relatives within a year. You can file this form while in a foreign country.

You can file it through an overseas US Embassy or Consulate. Apart from sponsoring the beneficiary for a Green Card, the sponsor must financially sponsor the beneficiary. An affidavit of support is a legally binding contract and by signing this form, you promise the US government that the immigrant you are sponsoring will not become a public charge. Your petition will not be denied, in this case it will be delayed.

You can then submit copies of the required documents. Approval of Form I means that your relative can move to the next step and apply for an immigrant visa or for adjustment of status. Your relative will be interviewed by an overseas consular officer while applying for an immigrant visa or by a USCIS officer while applying for adjustment of status.

Prior to getting a Green Card, your relative will be interviewed, at some time or the other. If your relative is abroad and if he or she going through Consular Processing, you need not be present with your relative for the interview. But you need to be present with the beneficiary, if your relative is in America and is applying for adjustment of status.So what exactly is a stokes interview and who is selected for one? That is what we will discuss today and hopefully by the time you finish reading this post, you will rest a little easier tonight.

Sample Questions for Marriage I130 and I485 Green Card Interviews

This post will detail the top 70 stokes interview questions that may be asked so that you can prepare for it if you are unlucky enough to be selected. First, if you are concerned about being selected for a stokes interview but have not been scheduled for one, you can avoid this process completely by passing your initial interview. A stokes interview is generally used by the immigration officer to determine whether your marriage is legitimate. It is only done after you have already immigrated to the United States and not during the visa processing stage at the U.

So if you are currently waiting for your U. The specific reasons that the USCIS uses to select couples for a stokes interview is not public knowledge. Questions about your shared home: these are questions to find out whether you and your spouse live together and are familiar with the home that you share. Questions about your relationship: these are personal questions that most married couples should not have a problem answering.

If there are any discrepancies, you will be allowed to explain at the end of the stokes interview. Questions on your finances: these are questions about your finances and it determines whether you both share information about bills. As you can see, the Stokes interview is more invasive and personal. If you are asked to come back for a second interview then it means that they are suspicious of marriage fraud. The best way to avoid a stokes interview is to make sure that you and your spouse are prepared for the initial interview.

Be prepared to answer these questions accurately but more importantly, make sure that you and your spouse are on the same page. It is never a good idea to lie at an immigration interview, not matter how small you may think it is.

Honesty is the best route when it comes to the immigration process. Ayan has helped hundreds of couples submit their own successful petitions, visas and green card applications. Your email address will not be published. Submit Comment. Top 5 reasons you may be selected for a stokes interview: Financial co-mingling: if you and your spouse do not co-mingle your finances and share bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage loans, car loans etc. The USCIS believes there is higher chance of marriage fraud when a couple keeps their money separate.

Tax filing status: if you and your spouse do not file jointly or have no reason to avoid filing jointly, you may be forced to show up for a stokes interview.Remember Me? Results 1 to 4 of 4. I Interview Share. Thread Tools Email this Page…. Join Date Jan Posts 9. I Interview I sent in my i and it was transferred to the NY office for an interview.

I overstayed my visa i was undersage and my parents didn't leave causing me to become illegal. I got married about 2 years ago to my wife USC.

Once the interview date comes can they hold me there if they they think my marraige is fake or for some other reason? What are the chances of them denying me? I have a ton of backups 7 different dvd's of our wedding from the photographers, 2 albums, wedding cards, honeymoon tickets, bookings, bills in our names, life insurances, rent lease, engagement hall bookings, another party we did at a hall and booked togeher.

I do have a lot of back up but am a bit scared. I've been in this country since I was 7 years old. Re: I Interview Because you came in on a valid visa and overstayed as opposed to entering without inspectionyou shouldn't have any problems adjusting your status.

Try to relax - you seem to have more than enough to show a bona fide marriage and overstays are commonly "forgiven" in these instances. An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise - Victor Hugo. Re: I Interview Concur with Doggie. Go have a drink or something, and relax. Getting married after overstaying a legitimate visa is so common as to be like sneezing. If you're really, really worried that you don't have enough documentation of the validity of your marriage - and really, it sounds like you have more than enough - ask some friends who knew you and your wife BEFORE you got married to write letters discussing how they know you both, how long they've known you, how they perceived your dating relationship, and whether they've spent time with you as a couple now that you're married.

And breathe. It's really going to be OK. I'm not a lawyer, but I play a researcher on the internet!

i 130 interview

Caution: I bite. I'm likely to post them publicly and embarrass you half to death. Re: I Interview Thank you so much for your responses.

I will also get letters from family that came to our wedding and also her family her mom and dad's letters should be the golden seal. Thank you so much once agian. Sponsored Links. Replies: 2 Last Post:AM. Replies: 7 Last Post:AM.

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