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38 special wadcutter loads unique

The load I have found to be accurate in my Model 64 38 spcl. This has a muzzel velocity of about fps. Bevel base bullets are best under fps so don't try to drive them too fast. If you insist on Unique then something in the 4.

The downside is Unique doesn't meter well, particularly in small charges. I charge between 3. Unique is a slower powder and will not burn well at the lower charge weights and pressures normal in a. Last edited by Photoman44; at PM.

I have had very good results with 3. OTOH, I hand-weigh each and every charge.

The All-American .38 Special

You might find this to be tedious. Although the heavier charges listed above are just fine, I have never found an advantage to them. Russell Cottle. Shot a lot of PPC in the early 70's with 3. The PD's old Star reloader was set to throw that weight so all the 'team' shot the same load. I was going to pick up some W to try but until then which of what I have would work best? Steve C. Originally Posted by sixshot. My gr DEWC load for overall shooting is 4.

Maybe a bit much for gentle target shooting but it makes a very clean burning and effective small game hunting load, as well as a very good SD load.Posted by: Grant Cunningham. Happy Black Friday! This gives him an enormous amount of experience, the kind that is getting hard to find in these days. Several friends and I have been re-thinking our decision several years ago to pack semi-auto. We normally carry. Having an extra, longer barreled. We decided to standardize on the.

A wheelgun is simple anyone to operate and requires less training and practice to maintain proficiency than an auto pistol. We have confirmed to our satisfaction that four inch service revolvers, fed good ammunition are accurate enough to make yard head shots on small game. There is no doubt that a. I started carrying my four-inch.

Both revolvers are sturdy, reliable, and accurate. This thought process was initiated by an experience in which an acquaintance had difficulty stopping a pit bull attack with a.

Animal control officers stated that in their experience that. Had the first. Today I now carry rounds of. Russell belt pouch with three Bianchi Speed Strips. Our boxed spare ammo is a full-charge grain double-end wadcutter, Saecowhich we cast ourselves from wheel weights. A charge of 3. This load groups as well as target ammo and penetrates 30 inches of water. The bullet does not expand, but its blunt profile gives full-caliber crush and has proven effective. The choice of a full charge wadcutter sounds strange today, but the load has an interesting history.

During the s and into the early s gr. Hollowpoints were deemed unacceptable during that era due to political concerns. While this was strictly against regulations, it was not an uncommon practice. Observations in the ER and on autopsy table from that era confirmed that a wadcutter makes a larger hole than the LRN and SWC and penetrates deeply, without tumbling.Wondering if anyone has tried loading.

My thoughts are on getting the Wadcutter closer to the forcing cone and possibly get better accuracy?? Or is this just a waste of time or even not possible?

A lot of people load wadcutters into. Most do it so that they don't get a carbon ring in the cylinder of their.

In theory, using the longer. I've loaded countless thousands of these types of loads over the years without one problem. I know many others who do so also. My caveat on this is: don't load the lightest wadcutter loads when doing this. There really isn't that much difference in recoil to begin with. Getting your bullet closer to the forcing cone really isn't going to make much, if any difference in accuracy.

At least not enough that you'll ever notice the difference. I read this too quickly. I thought the OP was wanting to use wadcutters in.

38 special wadcutter loads unique

Last edited by nsb; at PM. I have loaded gr. No big dealbut those magnum cased loads will not chamber in a 38 special revolver. The case is too long You will theoretically get best accuracy with 38 special loads in a 38 special revolver If you are looking for accuracy the Lymangr. Last edited by gwpercle; at PM. Remove Advertisements. Thanks for those responses. I was thinking that I did insert an empty. As said accuracy difference in getting the wadcutter closer to the forcing cone more than likely will not be even noticeable if any at all Is it possible to not fully seat the wadcutter into the case, but leaving a very small amount above the case mouth?

This would also move the projectile closer to the forcing cone. This would be using. That's the point of the longer. Originally Posted by Blackhawk Originally Posted by gwpercle. NRA Endowment Member. A while back I "experimented" with seating depth with my plain based wadcutter Lyman ? I tried seating depths fron flush to approx. I'm just an average shooter, but was pretty good with my revolvers and I could not see any improvement with the "long" handloads over the "short" ones at 30''.

38 special wadcutter loads unique

I shot a lot indoors at that time and IIRC the "test" spanned a few hundred rounds Originally Posted by mikld. It's been a while since loading wadcutters in the Mod Always used that to seat the bullet. Originally Posted by kdub. I have experimented with seating depth but did not see much difference in accuracy.Only one-third as many of the famous Colt Single Actions were made from to In the government cartridge was the.

The great versatility of the. And these were two totally opposite events. The need arose for a more concealable handgun, so what else to look to but a. Colt simply rounded the butt of the Police Positive, cut the barrel length to two inches and the Detective Special was born.

Shortly after the. These were massive revolvers, built on what is now known as the N-frame, designed to handle a pre-Plus P full house Hi-Speed.

Elmer Keith and Phil Sharpe's experiments with the. Police sidearm, detective's favorite, and outdoorsman's powerful sixgun. Could the. It certainly could and did with the coming of the. Besides the above mentioned large frame. All but the K are long gone. Today the. Like most reloaders, the.

The first two revolvers I loaded for being the Colt Single Action. I really had no intention of reloading for the. The obvious solution was to get another bullet mold, but I came heir to a whole batch of Winchester-Western. The standard Keith. The load is put together with Keith's over It does feet per second in the four-inch Model 19 and over feet per second in the Model 27 with eight and three-eighths inch barrel.

My Model 27 had to be specially designed for the Keith. It shoots it that good! Skeeter Skelton also favored the use of. Skeeter used Lyman's Ray Thompson designed semi-wadcutter gas check bullet seated in the bottom crimp groove over Elmer's powder charge.

This load is less powerful by about fifty feet per second than Keith's. I not only use Skeeter's load in. This is not a recommended load. But I shoot it sparingly and it is very comforting to me to know that the little two-inch Chief's Special will deliver the grain SWC bullet at over fps. More traditional loads for the.

Main St. AH, Farmer City, Illinois Phone My longtime standard. The same results can be had with 4. Going to 5. Actually, I get very little practise with standard. What I do get is a lot of practice reloading and watching my wife shoot them up.Remember Me?

Results 1 to 11 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. What are some accurate loads to start with? I have load info, but would like to see what others have found to be the most accurate? I did a forum search but am heading in for the night shift and would like to some input. Thanks for the help! I suppose you already know that HBWC are normally loaded with a fast-burning powder such as Bullseye rather than a medium-speed powder like Unique.

But probably someone in this forum has tried it and and can report some level of success. Very accurate in my gun.

Hit the Bullseye with Bullseye: Classic Loads from a Classic Powder

For defense in the house, seat it upside down. Aim for a velocity of to fps with the HBWC boolits. Try 3 or 3. As noted above, if you have Bullseye or a similar fast powder, it is probably the better choice and that 2. Keep your powder dry, Scharf. I cast some of them up last night, gona load them backwards over GreenDot.

The Hornady's are a bit tougher than some of the very soft swaged boolits, and I shot them almost exclusively with Unique. My load was a good bit above published data, but was very accurate, as in sub 1" at 25 yds. Good luck. Originally Posted by school of mines. Disclaimer: The above is not holy writ. It is just my opinion based on my experience and knowledge. Your mileage may vary.

Can't find BE in my area. Will go with starting load of Unique and see how it groups. Thanks for all the insight! I've used Accurate 2 when I could not find BE. Used BE exclusively when I was shooting Bullseye competition. Unique is just not one of the better powders for the soft HBWC 's. I tried for years. I broke down and bought X, then Bullseye and last some Red Dot Don't even try less than 4 grains of Unique, not enough pressure and that leaves unburned powder and erratic burning and not great accuracy.They respond with better accuracy when running Bullseye from 3.

I seat the bullet with the first band out of the case for better alignment of the cylinder throats and taper crimp on the tail end of the first band. I seat the bullets "sprue up" so that the perfect nose becomes the perfect base the base of the bullet is the "steering wheel".

38 special wadcutter loads unique

Your load is too light. Unfortunately I loaded them all up tonight. Do you think if I pulled a few I would mess them up to badly to reload? It would be interesting to try them over 3. Those loads are lighted than most modern starting loads According to my 45th Lymann book, there are a few lead bullet loads gr, gr using 3. Others listed starting charge is 3. See what others here have to say. Skip Sackett. Originally Posted by Ceapea. Originally Posted by smith crazy.

Thread drift: This is not a slap at anyone, so, Ceapea, don't take it wrong. Two reasons, 1 being, there is no way to keep from chasing a squib in the rapid fire drills and 2 it gives someone a false sense of accomplishment with a firearm. I've seen them, sure you have too, the "Gunslinger" that games with a gun.

The problem in my mind comes when they have to fire full force loads. Are their skills up to dealing with the recoil, muzzle blast? I have shot PPC, mostly an indoor gallery type, for a few years now. I came in third the first year I shot it using a standard 38spl load of 3. From that time forward, I came to be the range officer in many matches and ran a PPC league for a time. That took me out of the competition for placement but still, I used those loads and could wind up in the top 2 or three every time.

That was with a standard out of the box M 6" with no trigger work too.User Name Remember Me? I am working up a load for. So far I'm at 3. I'm going to increase the powder to 3.

38 special wadcutter loads unique

Anyone have any experience with these type of bullets? I cannot find any data except from Hogdon. I thought the grain LFP was a typical bullet for this caliber.

It looks as if the load you are using is too light. None of my manuals go down that low for Speer manual 13 lists a range of 5. My Sierra manual lists 4.

Do you have any other powders? Both of these manuals list quite a few powders as being suitable for that weight of bullet. Hope this info helps. Speer and Sierra manuals don't give loads for these bullets. The Lyman does. But it's still a bit cold out there which affects my hands.

Maybe next month things will warm up a bit to make the exercise worthwhile.

.38 special and the 148 gr wadcutter comparison.

Remove Advertisements. I would use unique or a slower powder like Herco! Unless you are looking for reduced loadsthen get the 95gr cast lyman bullet mould! Marshal Kane. Harry Snippe. I have good luck with 4. Will shoot tight groups out to fifty yards when the light is right and I can rest the pistol. Is it just a fact of life that the grain FP bullet is not a good one for accuracy in the. Does the grain FP have more accuracy potential due to the longer bearing surface?

I acknowledge the grain HBWC is the most accurate. With my Colt Officers Match, gr WCs will usually cut the same hole at fifty feet but that's with mid-range loads.

The 's will shred a beer can six out of six shots I was using the 9MM cast bullet sized to. These bullets looked somewhat like the semi wad cutter. The lead needs to fit the bore more than anything else. The lad that cast the lead took ill so we moved on to the heavier bullets since we do ot cast our own. Last edited by Harry Snippe; at AM.

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